Exceptional Food - Exceptional Service
Exceptional Food - Exceptional Service









Poached Chicken and Mushroom Roulade
 Rolled in tarragon with trompette mushrooms and crispy chicken crackling 
Smoked Salmon Pancake
Layered salmon and pancake stack dill cream and topped with avruga caviar
Tomato Essence and Crab Jelly
 Topped with oven dried cherry tomato
Butternut Squash Fondant
 Filled with avocado salsa
Beetroot Macaroons
 Filled with whipped goats cheese and rolled in leek ash
Salmon Tartare Cornets
 With red onion crème fraiche





Oxtail Fritters
 On horseradish mash
Brixham Crab Tartlets
 With chive and tomato
Asian Beef Skewer
 Peanut and coconut sauce
Croque Madam
 Ham and cheese toasie topped with fried quail egg
Sausage and Mash
 With sticky red onions


Mini Fish n Chips

 Tomato Ketchup





Strawberries and Clotted Cream
 On Aunt Jean's shortbread
Chocolate Brownie
 With pistachio cream
Mini Tart Tartin
 Calvados cream
Hot Ricotta Dumplings 
With strawberry puree

Bread and Butter Pudding
 with vanilla sauce
Lemon Posset
 With lavender biscuit




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